• By: jeffrey
  • 27 July, 2022
 Letter to Gaetz

Mr. Gaetz,

When it comes to a gentleman’s handshake and the protection of my family, I consider myself
old fashioned.

Having met you multiple times, in Florida twice, Texas, Tennessee, we have shook on the ideal
that you’d honor my family and my commitment to God. That you would honor the commitment
to my husband, to death do us part. Moreover, that you understood the commitment to marriage
and family. I proudly stood next to and talked with your loving wife just a few weeks ago in
NYC at Trump Tower. 

I trusted you, and with your recent vote, you turned my marriage into a States’ rights issue.

I hope your wife Ginger believes in her marriage and a future family. 

Therefore, Matt, it’s clean up time. A man of integrity will work to restore what you promised
with the gentleman’s shake.

Up here in Massachusetts, I’m working to retire Congressman Jim McGovern. The new
ammunition of “Oh look, Jeffrey’s friend Matt Gaetz votes against marriage equality” will not
bode well when paired with the pictures of us. More importantly, my old fashion ethics
command me to take you at your word and together we are going to fix this.

If not, I will personally see to it that all LGBT organizations refuse to contribute any additional
time or money into your current and future campaigns.

We are going to see this pregnancy through. Within the next 45 days, you are to come to
Massachusetts in District 2 and stand with me, as we tell Congressman Jim McGovern you stand
with Marriage Equality. We will declare it is not a State’s Right Issue, and then together we
travel and help me get at minimum ten senators to vote to codify marriage equality.

Will you help clean up this mess, defeat Jim McGovern, and honor this handshake, or not?
Which will it be Matt? 

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette