• By: jeffrey
  • 27 July, 2022
Letter to The Senate

Dear Senator
I’m a Massachusetts resident and the Republican nominee for the U.S House of Representatives in MA-
2, running against Congressman Jim McGovern.

What you don’t know about me is I’m a gay conservative who fought for my rights to adopt my children
two decades ago in New Hampshire. I would later marry my husband after Massachusetts became the
first state in the nation to recognize the right of same-sex couples to marry.

I’m asking you to support S.4556, the Respect of Marriage Act. As Republicans, we have an obligation to
join the majority of Americans who understand the importance of strengthening families with strong
marriages and family values, resulting in thriving communities.

Politically we need to end the constant drum beat from Democrats that Republicans disdain the LGBT
community and join me in demonstrating that Republicans support the kinds of freedoms the LGBT
community deserve. Please raise your voice and vote to codify Marriage Equality, proving once and for
all the Republican party is a party for all Americans.

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette
Republican Candidate MA-2
799 West Boylston St
Worcester Ma 01606