Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette is a husband, a father, a native New Englander, and an entrepreneur. After creating and building several successful businesses, employing hundreds of people, Jeff today owns a child care center in Worcester County. He and his husband Julian are raising two beautiful children, Ashley and Rylan.

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After a couple of years helping make someone else’s business profitable, I realized I wanted to build my own business. 

With $100 in the bank and a $5000 credit card, I started a pet grooming shop and pet store. In the first year, I made $48,000 in revenue. In five years, the company grew to $6,000,000 in revenue, seven locations, and 112 employees. At 29, I sold the company. Before going back to work, I decided it was time to finish my high school education, and obtained my GED and began college at Becker University. I then went on to be a successful branch manager and loan officer in the banking industry.


Committed to all of America’s Children!