Spending & Debt

“It can’t be done” isn’t in my vocabulary.

I’ve spent most of my life doing things that “can’t be done.”

Thus, I have no sympathy for the politicians who spend out of control. Republicans and Democrats alike give lip service to balancing the budget, but their actions don’t even come close.

I not only support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, but if necessary to stop the red ink, I will refuse to go along with giving the Government any more borrowing authority. 

We are saddled with a $20 trillion national debt because the Federal government spends too much. It’s really just that simple. It’s not because we are under-taxed.

While Congress jumps ineffectively from one day’s “crisis” to the next, they stubbornly refuse to deal with what may very well be the single greatest threat to the economy, our children’s futures, and in fact, our national security. They refuse to stop the deficit spending.

If cutting up the credit card is what it takes, then that is what we must do.